Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Brother

Twenty-some-odd years ago on this day I sat motherless at a mother-n-sons Flag Day event while my baby brother was born. Maybe I'll forgive him next year ;)

BROTHER ! ! ! ! !


Rager said...

I'm glad I could play a part in a bitter memory from years past. Thanks.

Lucy van Pelt said...

If you think that's bad, you should hear our oldest brother's rant about his third birthday. ;)

boisegrammy said...

I seem to remember a lack of understanding on your part 29 years ago and for almost every year since. It is a wonder you ever accepted your baby bro into the family. You do have a very tender heart and I know it was hard to be the outcast that day with no mom at your side. Can I tell you that I'm sorry, but I was working on a project that couldn't be postponed.

Mr. Koshchei said...

Truth be told, I can't remember my third birthday, nor do I recall ranting about it later, but I can easily believe that I did, since I do love me a good rant and Lucy bore the brunt of many. As for the Rager's original birthday, I think I took the opportunity to sneak off and see a scary movie.