Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fiona's First Haircut

This evening we took My Sweet Girl out for her first haircut.
Fiona will turn three in a few weeks and she's never had her beautiful blonde hair cut so we figured that it was about time for a trim.
Our friend, Rachel just started working at a new salon and Fiona was her first customer. Rachel has two girls of her own and she handled Fiona wonderfully.
Fiona does not like loud noises so we thought she'd protest when the hairdryer came out but she loved the whole experience. She sat still and was quite interested in what was going on.
Rachel bagged up the bulk of the trim: a lock about five inches long. We'll get it off to Gram to work it into a scrapbook page.

Here she is just before the haircut:And here she is modeling her new hairdo:
Perhaps I'll have her to wear her hair down more now.


annzy said...

oh she is a sweet thing~

boisegrammy said...

What a precious little girl. She looks more grown-up with the new trim.