Monday, March 2, 2009

Our New Girls

Here are our three new chicks working on their tans under their sunlight: And here Ethan shows off one of the girls:


Lucy van Pelt said...

They're so cute! I didn't realize you had to get tiny chicks. How long until they get big enough for laying eggs?

jason said...

It is possible to get older hens but it's best to get chicks because they'll imprint on their 'parents' and location.
They'll be big enough and have enough feathers to go outside in about six-eight weeks.
Most chickens start to lay when they're four-six months old. We'll have to wait a while for those yummy home-grown-eggs.

boisegrammy said...

Your new girls are so cute. You realize that the girls in your house by far outnumber the boys now. I can't wait to come and visit them.