Sunday, August 26, 2007

Camping At Bull Trout Lake

This weekend we hit the hills for a short camping trip at Bull Trout Lake.

We hadn't camped with both kids before so we made this trip short. We had our tent up by about five Saturday evening and we were packed up by noon Sunday.

After getting settled in Big E and I headed over to the lake with our fishing poles. We got skunked but we had fun.
Due to the high fire danger campfires are not allowed right now so tin foil dinners were, unfortunately, off the menu. Instead we grilled up hamburgers and hot dogs and heated baked beans. I can't complain about not smelling like a campfire.
After dinner we went for a walk and then headed back to the camp stove for some s'mores.
We were in the tent ready to sleep by ten. Then kids were asleep within minutes but Chris and I were awake on and off all night listening to an infant cry in a nearby campsite.
We woke up with the sun on Sunday but stayed in the tent waiting for the temperature to come up from about 33 degrees.

We tried our luck again with the fishing lines first thing Sunday morning but came up empty again. Chris had packed up plenty of bacon, eggs and potatoes so we didn't go hungry without the fishies.
Everybody had enough fun that we're willing to go again.


annzy said...

It looks like a great time ~but with camping I can't say I wish I was there.

Sam said...

Ooh - Max will be sooo jealous! He's dying for us to take him camping. He's going to have to wait a long time ;-).

Lucy van Pelt said...

the DH got skunked at the fishing hole this week too. We went to Egg Lake on San Juan island twice and all he caught were two little 6-inch long bass that had to go back.

PJMcD said...

Fishing just ain't the same as going to Uncle Patricks trout hatchery fishin' hole is it???. I miss you guys. It somehow seems that you've been gone longer than a year. Its distortions in time and space that cause people to get old.